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Will you consider making a donation to Pastors for life?
Specific reasons to give to PFL: 

1 - To defund Planned Parenthood and ALL abortion clinics in South Carolina.

  • The Planned Parenthood videos were very big, and for a short time they caused outrage. Because of the videos PFL was able to end funding in South Carolina from August 27, 2017 until about August of 2018. The Charleston Abortion Clinic closed November 13, 2017! According to DHEC statistics there was a drop in abortions in 2018 - almost 1,500 babies were saved.
  • The man on trial is going through a trial, but points out why we need to continue to fight abortion funding.
            In September, Dr. Theresa Deisher of Stanford University School of Medicine testified that “some of the             babies had to have beating hearts when they were harvested.” - This is actual testimony about harvesting             baby hearts!

        The trial testimony did not end there:
            “Once the heart goes into contraction, you can’t get it to come out of that position,” she explained, so it “has             to be beating and be arrested in a relaxed position” by perfusing it with a potassium solution. Then it can be             restarted electrically after transportation.    - Again, actual testimony in this trial. We have to end our tax             money going to abortion clinics in South Carolina. 

2 - Provide information on how to stop funding from getting to abortion clinics.

“Basically, to cut through what that means, it means that the baby hearts that are being sold to biomedical companies ... have to be harvested from the chest of living babies,” - LifeSiteNews’ Jonathon Van Maren said during this week’s episode of his show. “Their hearts have to be cut out while they're beating. This is a monumental barbarism.”

  • Another sad example of why we need to end abortion first, and then ending all public funding to any clinic that does abortions. 
  • I have a Book for a Gift of $50 called "Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation" by Suzanne M Rini. I will also send a box of tissues as part of my package back to you.

I rely on scripture to confirm what I am doing for the life of the innocent and why abortion is wrong. This testimony is so obvious any Christian knows this is wrong, and must stop. But here is a scripture, Proverbs 24:11 Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they stagger to their death. We can also say, Rescue those who being sentenced to Guinea Pig Status!!

Did you know that there were only 8 South Carolina Senators who voted not to fund the 3 abortion clinics in South Carolina?
  • PFL will call these Senators out - and spread the names to all who want to know.
  • PFL will explain why TAX funding started again in August 2018, and how we can stop it again.
  • PFL will have open communication, and audits of financial details.

I have been doing this with very little help for 8 years. I have used my own money and an unbelievable amount of time has been spent on PFL. Now it is time to move forward and your financial help will make these efforts happen on a higher level.

Will you help?

PFL is a for profit LLC. I did not go the "non-profit" route because the Government cannot tell PFL to stop promoting politicians. It cannot tell PFL to stop promoting any legislation. It cannot tell PFL to stop airing Radio ads pointing out the hypocrisy of State Senators, Federal Senators and Congressmen. A non-profit can be told what they can and cannot say. The IRS rules guiding a 501(3)(C) non profit specifically forbids backing ANY LEGISLATION!  

The Government cannot tell PFL to stop printing - shouting and sending the truth like this:

    “This is a discussion (Baby parts being sold for profit) happening in open court right now in San Francisco,” he     continued. “And what have you heard about this? This should be breaking news on every TV network. It should     be on the front page of every newspaper. And you're hearing almost nothing.”

So many don't care about the little 8 ounce baby in the womb. Well, I do and I am willing to sacrifice everything I have to end abortion. PFL has 2 goals, promote Jesus Christ as the ONLY Savior, and to end abortion by unifying the Body of Christ! Philippians 2:1-3
Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate?
Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose.
Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

You can send Checks or money orders to:
Pastors for Life
102 Brown Lane
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Immediate needs:
Office Chair.
Accounting help - about 3 hours of help and advice needed. 
Monthly Bank minimums and fees.
South Carolina State Taxes.
Radio advertising funds. 
Web Site Renewal and Expenses.
Business Cards - Envelopes. 
Mail outs to Pastors and Supporters. 
Reimbursement for $60 flyers for Anti Heartbeat Bill information. 
Travel funding
Portable Sound System - This is a big need.