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How does PFL plan to complete our mission?

  • We have a calendar on our website so that our church partners can sign up for different Saturdays to send "prayer warriors" to pray for women who are having abortions.
  • We will provide Important legislative dates and send out via our website and mass emails.
  • We will sponsor and organize "Pro -Life" rally's and activities so that churches can get involved.
  • We will provide phone numbers and email addresses of our State Senators and Law Makers, letting our members call and express our thoughts on upcoming legislation.
PFL mission is to:

  • Wake up and mobilize the church to help pass laws that will ultimately make abortion after conception unlawful.
  • Have representation at the state capital for debating bills. We need to have an organized force to support lawmakers when bills come up for debate.
  • Organize prayer warriors at South Carolina Abortion Clinics. According to Abby Johnson the more prayer warriors praying at an abortion clinic the more no shows they experience.
  • Help young mothers who want to keep their baby or give their baby up for adoption.
  • Provide counseling and support for women who have had abortions.
We have partnered with Bethany Christian Services!

  • Adoption services for babies that are saved.
  • Adoption services to encourage mothers to carry babies to full term.
  • Adoption services for couples who want to adopt saved babies.
  • Provide companion homes for mothers who want to keep their baby.
  • Provide resources for families that want to bring unwed mothers into their home.
  • Funding for couples who want to adopt saved babies.
Piedmont Women's Center Partnership

Piedmont Women’s Center is a trusted provider of reproductive health care serving the upstate of South Carolina. Our involvement with professional community partners enables Piedmont Women’s Center to provide free laboratory-quality pregnancy testing, free pregnancy consultations, and free limited OB ultrasounds at four locations in the upstate region. Our caring, professional personnel are committed to understanding and meeting your individual health needs.

Medical dangers for women who choose abortion.

  • Women who have had an abortion have a 20 % higher chance of breast cancer.
  • Women who have had an abortion have a 30% higher risk for Cervical cancer.
  • Conception after abortions can be very complicated as well as deliveries.
  • Guilt and depression are common after abortion.
Advertise to unwed mothers all the available options they can utilize.

  • Billboards with Bethany Services, OB/GYN Board Certified Physicians, St. Francis Hospital 
          and several pediatricians who will donate their services free of charge for women who choose to keep their baby.
  • Churches who are willing to financially help mothers who want to keep their babies.
  • Counseling services for unwed mothers.
  • Diapers, formula, baby food for mothers who decided to keep their baby.
  • Continued support for families who kept babies but struggle to make ends meet.
  • Counseling and healing for mothers who have experienced abortion first hand.